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An Important Message about

Beginning May 19th, 2020, will permanently redirect to If you have not yet fully transitioned to using the new platform, please feel free to contact us at to schedule a tour and training of the new user interface.

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Supporting the ABA community in these trying times

Dear ABA community,

As all of us are going through this difficult time, we are reminded we are all in this together. Having been a devoted partner to so many of you, we would like to offer additional support during these trying times, to provide at least some respite.

We understand it is challenging to deliver ABA services in-person at this time, which leaves families to rely upon remote services or no services at all, with limited resources for their children. With our unwavering commitment to our clients and the ABA community as a whole, we would like to make available the following parent training course AT NO CHARGE, so you can provide it to your client families:

Parent: Useful Strategies for You Home

In the coming weeks, we will be adding additional courses to this free parent library, so you can continue providing high quality ABA training to help parents and their kiddos.

Please contact us at to request parent training for your organization, specifying the number of course licenses you need. (And share this note with your peers and colleagues who might be able to take advantage of this, too.) Each course is accessible for one (1) month from the date it is assigned.

Times like these test our resilience but also bring perspective and humility. We very much hope, together, we weather this storm and come out stronger than before, to carry on with our common mission and the commitment we made to the families we serve.


The SKILLS Global team

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URGENT: LogBook update available version 3.1.4

The latest update for LogBook has been released, which resolves recent issues with the app. Please ensure that all devices are updates to version 3.1.4. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact or

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A Message for All Skills Members

Dear Skills member,


During these trying times, we would like to assure you SKILLS Global remains open, and our efforts are focused on continuing to support our clinical customers, individual families, schools and the ABA community overall with uninterrupted platform operation, as well as technical and customer assistance.


As a cloud-based technology company, we are well-positioned and our infrastructure is set up for effective and uninterrupted service to all of our customers during this global COVID-19 pandemic.


We, at SKILLS Global, extend our hearts and thoughts to the people affected by this remarkable in its magnitude global event. We will continue working with our customers and partners to ensure the availability of our services and to provide additional resources to support families and individuals in need.


At SKILLS, we clearly recognize the value of a safe and healthy environment – today, with an even greater emphasis, we wish that for all of you and your loved ones.





Andrey V. Lyutykh

Executive Director


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Need to see more data points?

  • See a wider date range on your target graphs using the new dropdown menu! 
  • Average lines will recalculate to accommodate the expanded date range. 
  • Use the slide bar at the top to zoom in on specific time periods. 

If you have any questions about this or any other Skills Developing features, please feel free to contact us at, 877-975-4559 or simply client the "Request Training" link in the left frame of your Skills account.
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Need Data for an Audit?

Try our Session Report! This report will produce up to one month's session data with a click of the mouse. No more clicking from screen to screen to find all the data. The Session Report gives you session information, skills acquisition data, behavior data and session note. It can be found in the Reports page under Audit Reports.

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Session Note Signatures Now Available in LogBook!

Direct Staff can now sign their session notes when completing a session in LogBook. While this signature is not valid for billing, it is satisfactory for funders who require session notes to be signed. Please feel free to contact our office for more details at 877-975-4559 or email us at 

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